Eva Zissu Showcases Resortwear collection Aruban Style

Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+rCvMjXxlg6Cl Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+cvLzA-UoLGil Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+ZrD0KDsztXEl

It was all about resortwear at Aruba in Style last weekend!We have seen numerous designers showing their wonderful collection. Once more, there was a large presence of international press at this event, showing that Aruba is paving the way for the rest of the Caribbean to be on an international fashion platform. Here are some photos of the Eva Zissu Tunic collection  at Aruba in Style.

Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+C1s3u8zdvlRl Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+qpDoUbfQgeYl Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+rOxfr9y0FQZl

Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+DMOxBJoLdcGl Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+Z4mWmqBzofKl Aruba+Style+2013+Eva+Zissu+Runway+Presentation+hvv4ulhe6Tvl

Photo Source: zimbio.com


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