Bon Chic Bon Genre with Generation Y

Aruba+Style+2013+Oakley+BCBGeneration+Gottex+DZyfkSRtMZPl Aruba+Style+2013+Oakley+BCBGeneration+Gottex+CfUQ0W0FyTxl Aruba+Style+2013+Oakley+BCBGeneration+Gottex+qwUoOJT-uLZl

BCBGeneration is the cool little sister of the international brand BCBG Maz Azria. Catered to a college students who are simply in it to have a good time, BCBGeneration is for Generation Y, who don’t really care much about all the rules BCBG follows so strictly. One thing is for sure, BCBGeneration represents great style and great attitude all the way. Here are some photos of their latest swimwear collection. We see Curacao model Akisha Albert doing her thing on the left.

Aruba+Style+2013+Oakley+BCBGeneration+Gottex+MJahKwNIbWol Aruba+Style+2013+Oakley+BCBGeneration+Gottex+VnIkGfvTxLXl Aruba+Style+2013+Oakley+BCBGeneration+Gottex+nLW1HAuPZ8Il

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