Ruby Red with Jusef Sanchez

Jusef Sanchez 5Jusef Sanchez 1Jusef Sanchez 3

So far we have seen a lot of white at Dominicana Moda, which almost seems like many of our Latin designers are opting to go for a more conservative look next Spring. Don’t get me wrong though, this “conservativeness” I am talking about is only regarding to color. When it comes to fabric we have seen embellished chiffon, lace, and of course silks. So far, this is the best Dominicana Moda ever and Jusef Sanchez has opted to go in a different direction by showcasing an all Ruby Red Collection. It is chic chic chic, reflecting that classy Caribbean lifestyle we know that people who live in colder climates only dream of.

Text: Elizabeth Francisco

Photo: Dominicana Moda DM13


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