The Front Row Goes Live!

The Front Row NYC Photo shoot
The Front Row Pretty Tough Collection

Curacao Fashionistas look out as our favorite fashion boutique ‘The Front Row’ just went live! Established in Curacao just a few years ago by the Thani sisters, Archana and Ekta, TFR has redefined shopping as we know it on the island. It is your one stop shop for serious fashion lovers where the latest styles and trends can all be found on a budget. The Thani sisters opened a second boutique, Rue No. 9, just last year and have now evolved into a complete online store.  For those of us who are constantly on the go this is the greatest development ever! I always say that no matter what you do, always be ahead of the game and these ladies embody this! Check out their latest collection ‘Pretty Tough’ at

Bravo Ekta and Archana! Keep up the amazing work!

Written by: Elizabeth Francisco, editor



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